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Everyone loves mobile phone text messages a.k.a Short Message Service (SMS). These small email-like notes are discreet, direct, and instantaneous; but at the same time, surprisingly insecure, as this statement from a leading security researcher testifies:

The contents of SMS messages are known to the network operator's systems and personnel. Therefore, SMS is not an appropriate technology for secure communications. Most users do not realise how easy it may be to intercept.

You probably heard the stories, and may have even read the published transcripts, of intercepted and incriminating SMS text sent between famous and notorious alike. Recent examples include the Murder Inc Trial, a breach of trust by two O2 workers, a prince & his commoner mistress, a footballer & his personal "assistant", a punk rocker mistaken for a terrorist, or that gang of cricketers & their game-fixing mobsters.

In all six of these cases, CryptoSMS could have facilitated the exchange of private, snooper-free text. CryptoSMS can keep eavesdroppers, intruders, paparazzi, stalkers, law enforcement, and other "monitors" out of your business.

CryptoSMS combines the discretion and mobility of "texting" with the privacy and security of modern cryptography. In an age where your private communications are being intercepted, secure SMS has become a necessity. Send encrypted SMS and worry no more about SMS hackers and mobile phone taps.